Delete the UN, Restart a New and Better One

24 01 2011

The UN was created following WWII when the world has perceived that the League of Nations was not fit for its objectives. Will we need another World War to realize that the UN is not fit for current challenges?

In recent years the UN has failed several times in handling critical international crises. This was the case when NATO forces had to intervene in former Yugoslavia, and even they did not stop the genocide. This was the case in the genocide that went-on uninterruptedly in Rwanda. The UN was so far useless when it came to handling the phenomena of terrorism, and in stopping North Korea or Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The UN force in Lebanon is ineffective in preventing the violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, and is basically cooperating with the Hezbollah terrorists’ organization. So, is the UN capable of handling the challenges of our era, or is it one of them?
The UN that was established after the Second World War was probably just good enough instrument to negotiate some of the conflicts between the world great powers in times such as the cold war. This objective does not require that attention any more. Instead the organization is required to handle at least three other major challenges – the war against terrorism, the nuclear race of lunatic regimes such as North Korea and Iran, and the poverty of third world countries that is usually coupled with wars and human rights crises.
Currently the UN is a stage of ridiculous crooked dictators coupled with a corrupt and incompetent administration that generate cynical decisions such as those that present the US and Israel as the prime human rights violators of the world, while ignoring and even protecting mass murdering and terror supporting regimes. When it comes to fighting poverty, money spent on the UN ends up subsidizing corruption, waste and wrong causes, due to its scandalous organization. As for handling the nuclear race of North Korea and Iran, the UN cannot reach any effective decision due to the interests of Russia and China that conflict with that cause.
To be able to change this, the entire basis of the UN needs to be transformed, mainly, the members that comprise it. The charter of the UN must be changed in a way that will allow only democratic countries to be members in that organization. All the various types of dictatorships should be excluded entirely from participating in any of its processes. This was not possible during the cold war when Eastern Europe was still communist, but it is possible and it is a necessity today if we would like to take this organization seriously. You cannot expect an organization that is run by characters such as Chávez, Castro, Mugabe, Ahmadinejad or Gaddafi to handle human rights sincerely. Only when it will be run by trustworthy governments that do not twist the truth to cover their own atrocities, the UN will be able, among other things, to fight against the corruption within its administration. It will be able to stand for the real values of true human rights, fight against terrorism effectively, and spend money on progressing third world countries wisely.
If that does not happen soon, the US and the rest of the free world would be wasting their money and time on an organization that is worse than worthless.

If the free world will not pull down the UN, the UN will pull down the free world.

Now, such a change will not happen on its own. Governments and legislators of the free world need to take action urgently to lead this change.




One response

28 03 2011

>>>>>WHAT ABOUT US?? Bemoaned are the deaths in Rwanda; the deaths in Lybia, Syria, etc., while in the U.S. we are killing by abortions millions of children each year. Are we fighting against this? No, we also are preparing, by rationing medical care, to kill millions more. Today, in an article elsewhere, organizations are pleading for help in fighting against world hunger. Reportedly, 50 million Americans daily go to bed hungry. What are we doing?
>>>>>The POTUS is playing footsy with the Arab League and others who want to destroy us. Benjamin Franklin said, “Take care of thy house and thy house will take care of you!!” Write you Congressperson and you Senators and ask them to defund the UN, unless you want the UN to rule over you!!

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